My name is Stephanie Zerpa Aldrey, but for simplicity purposes, I go by Steph or S. I started this blog with the intention of creating a space in which I discuss certain topics of relevancy and with little focus from the tech world, such as affordable tech education, different news approached from a different perspective, and all the great people in the industry that are part of minorities.

I am a Front-end Web Developer in the making (in the tech industry, we are all constantly “in the making”, admit it!). I am a bachelor student from an online french platform called OpenClassrooms. Institution where I also serve as an Ambassador for upcoming students, and as a featured blog writer (you can read one of my featured posts here.). I believe in magic and art, which essentially are the same thing, and I translate this belief into my work.

I am a polyglot and globetrotter. I am incredibly passionate about everything I take part in. I’ve lived in Venezuela, Barbados, Canada, France and Spain in the last 5 years. I speak English and Spanish natively thanks to my wonderful parents and sister and I have a working proficiency level of French.

Some examples of my code work can be found in my GitHub; and my trajectory can be found in my downloadable CV.

If you’d like to contact me you can easily do it here.


Thank you for your interest in my site and in my work; it is a pleasure to write to people like you!


Steph transparent


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