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LinkedIn, the platform that took over 2017. In the last few days of this year ForTheArtofCode has the honor of featuring a person that has taken this platform and used it to remind us of the importance of humanity. Kristian Andersson, a human for humans, who talks to us about the people aspect of platforms like LinkedIn.


Tell us about yourself! How would you describe yourself? What are your likes and dislikes; what makes you, you?

I’m a human. Just as common as everyone else, just as unique as everyone else 🙂
I like philosophizing, discussing, contemplating and evolving. Together with others.
I dislike borders and exclusion. It’s all about everyone.
What makes me, me? All the mistakes I’ve done. I try to do as many mistakes as possible and then learn from them. What I’ve learnt the most from is my burnout in 2013. Horrific experience but an extremely valuable knowledge for the rest of my life.

You’ve been in LinkedIn since 2008, and you’ve talked about its revolution and growth in that past 9 years. Where do you think LinkedIn will be in the next 5 years?

The crossborder internetworking that this amazing constantly ongoing networking meeting (that LinkedIn in fact is) provides will by 2023 be responsible for a better world.
The dramatic increase in dialogue between people internationally that we’ve seen this year will increase even more and result in respect and acceptance of the fact that we are equal but at the same time unique.
As for the technical use of LinkedIn:
Looking forward to jump into posts with my VR-lenses in my eyes and chat with the others in the posts commenting room whose faces also are 3D scanned in realtime and then later meet up at a LunchIn™ somewhere around the globe.

Tell the readers about LunchIn! We can read about the story and the why here, but, where is it now? Where do you expect it to be by the end of 2018?

I looked at the statistics 15 minutes ago. Currently we are 6800+ members in 67 groups in 11 countries. We have held 573 meetings since the 22nd of June 2017 gathering 6602 attendees. The groups can be found here: http://www.LunchIn.net
162 groups in 18 additional countries are on our waiting list that we set up two months ago as we can’t administrate more groups at the moment.
We are crowdfunding in Q1 2018 to gather capital to hire staff and then roll out the waiting list groups, more info about how to be a part owner here.
Our expansion plan for the next 5 years:
2018 = 300 groups
2019 = 500 additional groups (800 groups in total)
2020 = 900 additional groups (1700 groups in total)
2021 = 1300 additional groups (3000 groups in total)
2022 = 2000 additional groups (5000 groups in total)

2017 is almost over, and everyone talks about it having been LinkedIn’s year. Why do you think this is? What has made 2017 different from the rest?

This year people on LinkedIn have realized how to use it. Dialogue has conquered monologue. There’s been a revolution and the “old” standard principal of not connecting with anyone you don’t know and haven’t met IRL has been overtaken by the principal of connecting with new people and then getting to know them and meeting up IRL.
I’m not sure about the rest of the world but in Sweden a lot of this connecting attitude has come from one person’s activities, the swedish speaking part of LinkedIn has Nina Jansdotter and her connection-threads to thank for the added value.

LinkedIn connections turned into real life ones, a beautiful concept you are very passionate about. What are some tips to make the online part of the connection (aka, the start of it) fruitful and more personal so it can lead to a IRL interaction?

Passionately passionate about it.
I find new contacts/friends in the posts/comments on LinkedIn. I behave as I would at a IRL networking event.
My number one top advice: Be yourself.

What do you think are the most important things that LinkedIn users forget the most? What solution do you propose?

I thought about this question a long time but I have no answer. I guess that is a positive thing 🙂

What is, to you, the purpose of platforms like LinkedIn? In general terms, is that purpose being fulfilled?

Create and maintain relations. Relations equals business.
That purpose is met to the highest extent. LinkedIn is a platform of possibilities.

What do you think is the key to going from a numbers-based-user to a #TeamHuman believer?

I think one can be a numbers-based-user and a #TeamHuman believer. I am.
Every single contact of mine is a human, all equally important to me.
It’s all about everyone.

How can the reader find you?

I recommend having a look at my activities on LinkedIn and sending me a connection request or dropping me an email at ka@lunchin.net.
I’ll be glad to help. Looking forward to it in fact 🙂
Helping others is helping yourself. And vice versa.


Kristian, with his answers and constant actions on LinkedIn, is a reminder of what passion, commitment and human interaction can do when well-mixed. How do you plan to join this movement? Let us know in the comments section what you will be doing to be part of #TeamHuman this upcoming 2018!



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